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Taste the adrenaline gush in the height of the mountains


For the trekking and mountain enthusiasts, Nepal is considered to be the Mecca. The snow-covered mountains and its frozen landscapes have always been in the bucket list of most of the trekkers. Ice climbing is one of the most adventurous and dangerous activities to step inside the frozen landscape of mountains. The mountains are quite difficult to climb and when it is added with ice it becomes more difficult to explore. There are many climbing trails that can offer the mountaineers to explore.

With eight of the highest mountain peaks in Nepal, the rugged mountainous landscapes will be of course experience to treasure. Extreme altitudes along with extreme temperatures have always been a challenge for you to exploit the beauty of nature. In such incredibly frozen temperature, the minds of the tourists stop working but one needs that much physical strength to explore the beauty of nature. The trekking enthusiasts explore these frozen waterfalls in this particular destination for its uniqueness.


Foreign explorers travel to this land mainly for its diversities. There is a number of streams that become frozen during winters. With a drop of temperature, these streams become like a silvery line of ice. A thin line of ice between two rocky ridges has been an amazing experience to share. The climbers have to be well trained to show their skills over these icy trails. The lead climber has to be quite protected enough to create a path devoid of difficulties for the fellow climbers.


The lead climber may face a scary experience on the way. One has to be completely dependent on the pointy metal piece for climbing purpose. The climber has to place the metal piece in such a way that the ice screws should be placed in particular cracks. The vertical climbing is quite easier than the slanting one. You can indulge in ice climbing in different places like Annapurna Sanctuary, Khumbu Bijuli, and Langtang Valley. Before reaching this place, one has to be quite pro in climbing. It is advisable to do the climbing in the offseason to avoid the rush of the climbers.

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Undying relationship of gods and demons in Mt. Kailash


From time immemorial, there is an undying relationship between gods and demons. The demons are believed to be evil power. Very few lakes are there in the world that attracts tourism for ages. Mt. Kailash is one such pristine religious location that attracts pilgrims in search of the liberation of souls. This pilgrimage tour not only includes circumambulation across Mt. Kailash but also across the lake Mansarovar. Located in the remote location of the western part of Tibet, this pristine location attracts followers of Hinduism, Bon, Jainism, and Buddhism.
In any pilgrimage tour, the souls try to stay away from evil influences. The demons are the symbols of bad omens. A pure mind takes one to the path of righteousness. Lake Rakshastal is one of the most visited places in the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Earlier the pilgrims avoid the path of Rakshas Tal for its bad omens. It is said that Lake Mansarovar came into existence from the consciousness of Lord Brahma. The words Manas and Sarovar combine to form Mansarovar Lake. It means the lake of consciousness. From the imagination of Brahma, this lake is believed to materialize every wish of mortal beings. The etymological meaning of Rakshas Tal is “Demon Lake”. It is said King Ravana created this lake. The bad omens bring bad luck to the pilgrims. The Buddhists believe that the round shaped Lake Mansarovar is the constant symbol of brightness and righteousness whereas the crescent-shaped Rakshas Tal symbolizes the darkness of life.


River Sutlej starts from the northwestern part of the lake. This lake has its own spiritual and historical relevance. When a pilgrim takes the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, he wants to purify the soul to secure the path of heaven after death. In every religion, the idea of karma exists and one secures the path of heaven on the basis of actions of life. The pilgrims believed to take a holy dip in the water of Lake Mansarovar to purify the souls. Therefore being a symbolism of darkness, the pilgrims try to avoid dipping in the water of Rakshas Tal.
The natural beauty of Rakshas Tal makes the pilgrims awestruck. It is the only saltwater lake located in Tibet. According to geologists, this lake comprises of poisonous gases that refrain people taking bath in the lake. Earlier Lake Mansarovar and Rakshas Tal were fixed together but due to geological movements of the earth, the two lakes were separated with a thin extensive piece of land. Due to this wide separation between two lakes, the idea of good and bad appears. There is a small river named Ganga Chhu that connects these two twin rivers. In this Demon Lake, one catch the glimpse of four different islands named Dosharba, Lachato, Topserma, and Dola. The local residents use this pastoral land for grazing purpose.


Religious relevance of the lake
The name suggests that it symbolizes a negative force of life. King Ravana took bath in the water and it corrupted his mind with bad thoughts. Ravana was a complete follower of Lord Shiva and so he visited Lord Shiva in Mt. Kailash to seek blessings from the lord. After taking a bath, when he headed towards Mt. Kailash he caught the glimpse of Devi Parvati. Lord Shiva was quite amused with the penance of Ravana and pleased to grant him with a wish. At this point, Ravana asked for his heavenly consort Devi Parvati as the boon. It is believed that Ravana made such wish after the impact of taking bath in Rakshas Tal. Till date, the pilgrims believe to stay away from the bad omens of Rakshas Tal on their way to Kailash Mansarovar Yatra to keep themselves away from any sin. Scientifically it is mentioned not to take bath in Rakshas Tal due to the presence of many poisonous gases in the lake.

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Strenuous trekking towards Mardi Himal


For the adventure seekers, Nepal is the heaven of its exotic location to explore. Mostly the trekkers love to take the route of Everest or Annapurna trail. Mardi Himal falls in Annapurna trail only. In the year 1953, a British mountaineer called Basil Goodfellow discovered this mountain. In the year 1961, it was scaled for the first time from the facet of the east wall. It was also tried to climb up from the southern part as well, due to its difficulty the attempts remained unsuccessful.
Stood out high with an altitude of 5587m, this mountain is standing along with Machhapuchhare in the south-western ridge. From the southern part only, this mountain is visible. The southwestern walls have three rock ridges widely separated by glaciers. The Machhapuchhare ridge has separated the eastern part of the wall. The pass is at an altitude of 5200m. Mostly the trekkers prefer this pass for climbing this peak. On the trekking trail, one will find out overgrown rhododendrons and bamboo trees wildly.


One can engage in this trek at any time of the year. Unlike Everest Base Camp trek, you will enjoy the beauty of nature at own terms. It is advised to take the trek between March to May and September to November. This pristine trekking trail opened in 2012. For the local cattle herders, this place was used for summer pastoral land. Later it became the hidden treasure for the trekkers all across the world. On this trail, you will be gradually taking an inclined plane. You will be observing a varied range of flora and fauna on this route. Hardly 7 or 8 days are required to complete the trekking. The highest altitude one takes on this route is 4450m and the surrounding ambiance will be a delightful experience for the trekkers.
On the initial days of the trek, one will be walking throughout the wild overgrown rhododendron, oak, birch, hemlock, and maple forests. The sudden glances of snow-capped mountains will be like an enticing experience on the trekking trail. The grandeur of mountains always attracts everyone from exploring it. After the passing the low base camp through the tree line, one will get spectacular views of the mountains. On this route, one can catch the glimpse of Annapurna Base Camp as well. You will see the silvery shimmering beauty of the Modi river along the mountainous ridge of Machhapuchhre. It is the mountain ridge that distinguishes between Mardi Khola and Modi Khola. Few travel experiences remain deep in the heart. Your small trek to Mardi Himal will give take you to a tour of amazing memories in solitude.

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Wander in the wilderness of Gokyo Lakes


The oligotrophic Gokyo Lakes are quite famous among the hikers traveling towards Everest Base Camp trekking. Being a landlocked country, Nepal has been the paradise to explore for the Mountaineers. Gokyo Lake Trek is the most thrilling treks one can indulge in the topography of Nepal. Unlike other treks, it will expose you with the brilliant views of the Himalayas, the vibrant and diversified Sherpa culture and your sustainability to enjoy such a spectacular ambiance. This trek will give you an array of memories to cherish for a lifetime.
Gokyo is the cluster of six world’s highest freshwater lakes. Among them, Thonak is the largest one. Located in the Khumjung village in the Sagarmatha Zone, this lake covers an area of around 106acres. It will be an amazing experience for you to explore the beauty of the landscapes. The surrounding mountains and snow-covered lakes at an altitude of 5000m will actually give an amazing travel experience.
Travel gives experience. This trek will give you memories to cherish as well. For the experienced climbers, Gokyo Lakes trek is the side trip one. Those who have never seen that turquoise colored lake; it is a great miss for them. On this trek, you will be climbing up the overlooking mountains called Gokyo Ri. This climb will give you a visual exposure to Mt. Everest. It is said that the climbers get better views at Gokyo Ri in comparison to Kalapathar.

Trekking across mountains takes us close to nature. We want to feel serenity around us on the trekking trails. This small trek to Gokyo Lakes will definitely give you that pleasure to enjoy the calmness and silence of nature. In this trek, you will really enjoy the ambiance of nature. Unlike regular trekking trails, in this trek, you will be climbing Gokyo Ri along with the crossing of Cho La Pass. On this trail, you will catch the glimpse of the largest glacier in Nepal called Ngozumpa Glacier. Being a mountainous country, the Mountaineers travel there to enjoy the panoramic views of the mountains. On this path, you will catch the glimpse of Makalu and Lhotse as well.

How to reach Gokyo Lakes


To reach this beautiful location, you will have to take a flight to Lukla. This local town is the gateway for the Mountaineers to Everest Base Camp. It has one of the shortest runways in the world. You will be enjoying amazing views of the mountains in your short flight. After landing, you will be trekking till Phakding along the river valley of Dudh Koshi. You will feel that nature is at its best in this location. The beautiful green valley with a silvery lining streamline of Dudh Koshi will give you a picturesque view.
From Phakding you will be trekking till Namche. It is a large settlement of local people. Before engaging in the trekking, you can buy any necessary equipment from this local market place. From there you will be heading towards the north of Namche Bazaar. In comparison to the normal route to Everest Base Camp, you will be taking a diverging route for Gokyo Lakes. The sudden appearance of Lhotse and Everest on your trekking path will be a gush of fresh air in your journey. On this trail, you will be reaching different villages like Machermo, Dole. The natural beauty along with the panoramic sights of mountains makes this trek in the bucket list of every traveler. If you are traveling in the month of April, you will definitely enjoy the blooming rhododendrons in the bushes. The snow Cladded Mountains will be an incredible sight to enjoy. The shimmering beauty of aquamarine lakes and the reflection of the mountains on the water will an enticing moment. You will feel that your hard work does not go in vain.

For Acclimatization

When you decide for climbing up for high altitude, one has to be mentally and physically fit enough to endure hardships. Acclimatization days are to make the trekkers accommodated with the high altitude. Mostly on this trekking trail, the hikers stay in the teahouses. Those small wood and stone made buildings will give you a little comfort in such remote locations. On the other hand, you will definitely understand the culture of the Nepalese people. The warm hospitability of the locals will give you high spirits of life. Unlike other trekking trails, you will be enjoying the serenity of nature in this amazing Gokyo region.

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Visit Nepal 2020


The government of Nepal took initiative called Visit Nepal 2020 to pull the traveling spree of the explorers to Nepal. After the catastrophic disaster in 2015, the country took a year to revive its architectural monument. The government aims to glorify the tourism sector of the country. In the year 2017, around 10 lakhs of foreigners entered the country. Few went there for recreational purpose while the others visited there for helping out the people in distress. The campaign of Visit Nepal 2020 was firstly scheduled in 2018 but the delayed response from the government’s end made the government postpone it.

Why one should visit this mystic country?


Nepal stands fifth out of the top 10 countries to be visited in the world. It stands first in the Best Valued Destination in the World. The cultural diversity and topographical varieties have made the country completely spectacular to the foreigners. When foreign national travel to this exotic location, the cultural and topographical beauty of this pristine land attracts him. The mountains, rivers, lakes, gorges, and wildlife sanctuary altogether made this country a natural beauty to explore. Very few countries are there that are rich in natural resources. Nepal is one of such countries.

Why such initiative of Visit Nepal 2020?


The 2015 earthquake snatched away thousands of lives and left thousands injured and thousands homeless. It is the country that has a proper balance of rural and urban sprawling. After such a devastating earthquake, the rural parts are still getting back into shape. This campaign has been thought of as an initiative to improve the fragile financial conditions of the country. The government decided to utilize the natural resources of the country to get a proper inflow of foreign currency to the country. The country needs to revive its economic infrastructure with little help and love from others.

Safety initiative of Visit Nepal 2020

After such massive destruction, the country is still recovering its ruins. Being a culturally and historically rich country, the primary aim is to revive the architectural monuments properly. To make tourism flourished in the country, primarily the government focused on transportation infrastructure. The roadways and airways are the two paths ensuring tourists from domestic and foreign lands. Therefore the government constructed a new road as per requirement. The earthquake affected not only the heritage building but also the trekking trails. Nepal is paradise for the hikers and mountaineers for such amazing trekking routes. The government checked the affected districts thoroughly and made it properly accessible to the tourists.

On the way across Nepal, the tourists will find the building with three different colored stamps like – red, yellow, and green. Red stamps are on those buildings that are dangerous prone. During the earthquake, mostly these buildings are widely affected. The government replaced most of them with a new one. The yellow mar is for minimal damage. It is for those buildings that faced little damage during the catastrophe. The green stamp is for strong and durable buildings. The government wants to provide a safe and comfortable stay to the tourists in Nature’s lap.

The progress of the initiative

Last year around 1 million tourists travel all across the world to be in the Himalayan country. The government of Nepal made a target of 2 millions of people by 2020. The tourism of Nepal promoted the initiative in foreign markets of Europe. The government wanted a warm reply in tourism from the people all across Europe, USA and South East Asian countries. The government always initiated in constructing two new international airports in Lumbini and Pokhara. The government of Nepal plans to host the best hospitability services to international tourists.

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